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      B〓ao notched up the 〓other semi aft●er taking down● Hu Yun from Hon●g Kong 21-14, 21〓-6. "Bao ha■s clinched◆ several titles thi●s year and is now i○n good shape," sa○id second worl●d ranked Lin. "The ◆final could be a ◆fierce bat●tle." Bao was t◆ortured by kne〓e injury e●arlier this year○ but still● managed to ●be crowned in Asian■ Championships in Ap●ril, Singapore● Super Ser●ies in June, and Jap◆an Super Ser■ies in September.○ LINYI, East China, ○Oct. 14 (Xin●hua) -- Teenager■ center Zheng Bowen ◆scored 44 ●points to give Zhej○

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      iang the first win● in the women'◆s basketball tourna●ment of 11th C◆hinese National G◆ames here on Wedne〓sday, beating◆ Hubei 99-79 in th〓e last round● of the preli〓minary phase.T■he Zhejiang side〓 had suffered○ four straight defea●ts in the previous ■games with no cha○nce left to ent〓er the fin●al eight. ■Their oppo■nent Hubei a■lso lost hope for a○ berth at the qua◆rterfinals, and bo◆th teams want○ed to grab a win● to avoid ■an embarrassing no■-win group sta○ge exit.The ●19-year-old Zheng ■carried the team● on her back fro■m the

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      very begi■nning of the ■match, she collected○ 19 points i〓n the firs〓t half to ●give Zhejian◆g a 53-44 lead. And 〓when the game resu■med, the in-f○orm Zh

      eng continue●d to extend the adv■antage for Zheji○ang.Zheng, 1.93m, bu〓ried 19 sh●ots from 29● attempts an◆d also sank sixfr◆ee throws to lead◆ the score list. H○er teammate Shi Yito■ng added 20 for Zh●ejiang. Foward X○in Shuang ●of Hubei h■ad a team-high 2●7, while shootin○g guard Zh◆ai Huan not○ched 19 and forward ◆Cao Beidi add■ed 18 for Hubei, wh〓o finished at the b◆ottom of Gr◆oup A."The cente◆r position of Hubei■ team is their weak ●point. And tha〓t's why I had so ma〓ny chances to ◆shoot under the ri○m," said Zheng af●ter the

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      match.The te●am of PLA (Peop〓le's Liberation Army■) defeated Gu●angdong 114-73 t〓o finish as top ●of Group A. The ○host team ●Shandong, ●who upset Be◆ijing 63-54 today○, followed Guangd○ong as the thir○d placer, while B●eijing finished th○e fourth and t●ook the last ticke○t for the q●uarterfinal○s.In Group B, leagu●e champion ●Liaoning beat Jia◆ngsu 93-80 to● seal the top spot. ●Heilongjiang●, paced by n〓ational team 〓star Miao Lijie ●outscored Herna〓n 86-72 to finish a●s the third. And C◆hongqing surrendered◆ a 108-49 defeat to● f

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      inish at the bott●om.QINGDAO,● East China, Oct.■ 13 (Xinhu◆a) -- The ●Jiangsu provincial 〓team became the ◆biggest winner b●y clinchin◆g both men's and〓 women's badmi◆nton team g〓olds here 〓on Tuesday.Spe〓arheaded by Olymp■ic bronze medalist C〓hen Jin, J〓iangsu took men's ○team gold me◆dal in fourth c●onsecutive Nation●al Games after beati●ng Fujian 3-0, whose● previous best● was the champ●ion at the se○venth Nationa〓l Games in 1993.○ Earlier in the m■orning, new〓ly crowned w●orld champion Lu L〓an led Jiangsu women〓's team to lift?/p>

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      ?the title in 16 y●ears by taking d●own Guangdong 3-1.C○hen Jin, world No○. 4, opened■ the winning start● for Jiang◆su men's team■ after out●playing Chen Long,◆ world No. 17〓 and world Junior■ champion, 21●-17, 25-23■.Chen Jin trai●led in the first se●t 10-6 but ea◆rned six point ◆in a row a●t 12-6. Then Chen● Long tried to tu■rn around before Che〓n Jin level〓ed the score at● 16-16 and won ●the game 21-17. The ◆second set● proved a se■esaw one a〓s the two sides● leveled at ●8-8, 11-11, 1●7-17 before Ch●en Jin led a〓t 20-18. Ch○e

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      n Long saved two g●ame points t■o level at ◆20-20 before conce●ding to Chen Ji〓n 25-23 and finis■hing the 64-minute d〓uel."Jiangsu's g■oal was defending t◆he title. I was u●nder great pressur◆e as I played th●e first match. I○ have been prepar■ed for three gam○es since Chen Lo●ng is young and 〓talented. He d●ominated well o●n the net durin○g the match●," said Chen Jin."◆I felt very nervous■ today and was ●not in my best ●form. I was a ■little bit cons◆ervative so the ●victory was a hard ●one."Chen Lo◆ng said he was too ●anxious to ea

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      rn poin●ts, which ●led to some erro○rs.Tao Jiaming and S◆un Junjie put Jiang●su 2-0 ahe■ad after pippin●g Guo Zhendong and◆ Liu Xiaol〓ong in a comfortabl○e way 21-8, 2◆1-17.QINGDAO◆, East China■, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) ●-- Newly crowned ●world champion Lu La〓n led Jiangsu ●provincial team ■to take the gold me●dal of women's bad■minton team○ tournament after de●feating Guang〓dong 3-1 at the〓 11th Chin〓ese National● Games here on Tuesd◆ay.It's the se●cond time for Jian◆gsu to enter the■ finals since 1997 a●nd to lift the t●itle since 1993.?/p>

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      ?While for● Guangdong, they ha◆ve won silver medals◆ at three consecutiv●e National Ga〓mes.Lu, world ●No. 8, battled her n◆ational teamma◆te Xie Xingf◆ang, twice world ○champion and Olymp〓ic runner-up.In ○the 42-minute match◆, Lu led th■e first game 4-0 be○fore Xie ma◆naged to cut the de○ficit and l■eveled the scor■e at 12-12●. When Xie◆ trailed 20-16, s■he saved t●hree game poin○ts before losing 2●1-19.In the seco◆nd set, Lu led all○ the way and neve■r looked back to 〓secure a comf○ortable win 21-9〓."I think Xie'■s speed was very

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      〓fast especially in■ the first se〓t and her attack wa●s very fierce◆. But in the secon◆d her physical s◆trength pro○ved to be a prob●lem," said Lu ●after the match.Lu◆'s words were ec〓hoed by Xie. "I● was exhaus○ted in the seco◆nd set so I ●could not catch up L〓u's speed," said Xi■e. "We still st〓and a chan■ce (of win●ning the champion) i○n the following● matches."2004〓 Athens Olympic C○hampion Yang Wei pai〓red up with y●oung shuttler Zhon●g Qianxin, rank〓ed 68th in ◆world women's do◆ubles, and pu●lled one point■ back for Guangdon?/p>

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      鰃 as they took dow○n Tang Jinhua and ●Tan Wen 21-18,■ 21-12.Yang d■ownplayed Guan◆gdong's winning pros●pects, saying t〓hat Guangdo●ng was weaker than○ Jiangsu in te〓rms of ove●rall strength.●"The three sin■gles playe○rs of Jiangsu● have compar○atively high■er world ran○kings," said◆ Yang. "But we hav◆e only one s○trong doubles pair (○she and Zhang Jiewen■). But in 〓the team compe◆tition Zhang● and I are ◆experienced shuttler■s so we have to pai■r other players t〓o make Guangdo◆ng stronger. Zhong'◆s performance is〓 excellent today.

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      "○"This is is my f○irst match in my〓 maiden Nationa●l Games tour〓," said Zhong."I● learned a l○ot from Yang. Dur■ing the match, sh○e told me to ○be patient ●when attacking ■in backcourt."In the● following single○s match, Wang Shix■ian, newly crown●ed in China ◆masters, ove○rcame Xia Ji○ngyun 19-2〓1, 21-13, 21-17, p●utting Jiangs■u 2-1 ahead."■Even I lost in the ●first set, m○y confidence● is built up and ◆in the seco○nd and decider I■ played better," sai●d Wang.Sun Xi■aoli and Chen○g Shu left ○no chances s●lip away as t〓hey outla

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      sted Z●hang Jiewen and Ya○o Guojun 17-21,〓 21-16, 21-1◆6 to wrap up ■the 3-1 victory fo◆r Jiangsu."In th●e decider, e◆ven we trailed● by a large margin● in the firs■t half, we didn't l○ose our conf〓idence. wh○en we leveled◆ the score at 14-14◆, I knew we ar■e the champions,■" said Cheng.Unfort●unately, they didn't〓 show thei◆r national◆ team playmaking sk○ills in this match●. Wang Yimei's heav〓y spikes lost ●their punch ■against Tian○jin. Mistake●s and inconsistent ○play from Lia〓oning gave Tianjin m◆ore opportunitie●s, and Tianjin

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      took ○the first set 25-12■, and the second s■et 25-19.Liaoni●ng fought back ■in the third set○, finding its form◆ with a 25○-22 win, but it○ was too late. Tia〓njin clinch◆ed the match in a ha◆rd fought fina●l set which ended 26●-24, and successful●ly defended th●eir title. ■; &nbs●p;QINGDAO, Ea●st China, Oct. 9 (●Xinhua) -- O〓lympic and worl●d champion Lin〓 Dan continued hi○s winning st◆reak by beating○ Wu Yunyong of Guan◆gdong but ○failed to sa●ve People's● Liberation ◆Army (PLA) fro■m losing 3-1 i○n the men's○ badminto

    • st●ry officials a●sked them t?/h3>

      n tea〓m tournament at the ○11th National Games 〓here on Friday. Th◆e Chinese top s●huttler, w■ho joked that the ◆reason why he ◆served as the se〓cond singles ●player for PLA ●was his current● world ranking No.〓 2, outlast●ed Wu 21-15, 21-13. ●Lin said: "Gua●ngdong reserved t●heir strength■ today. PLA is 〓not strong ○enough to vie for 〓the champion but w○e will try ○our best." China's N■o. 2 men's ◆singles pla◆yer and worl〓d No. 4 Chen Jin, r○epresenting Jia〓ngsu, beat● Gao Huan of Liao◆ning in a co●mfortable way 21●-14, 21-9. "I ea

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      si◆ly found m○y rhythm and contro●lled the game," ■said Chen af●ter the match. "The 〓goal of ou◆r team is ●to defend t●he title, but of co○urse we know Fuji●an is our biggest○ rival as they h◆ave excellen■t singles pl○ayers like Che〓n Long and Chen ◆Hong as well as ◆doubles player◆s Guo Zhend■ong and Li◆u Xiaolong." W〓hen talkin■g about his sin◆gles tour, Chen didn◆'t have a ○big dream as he wa〓s not in his best◆ form. Chen'●s win gave a goo○d start to Jian◆gsu, which outplay■ed Liaoning 3-1 ◆and became the firs●t men's tea○m to

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    • ◆QINGDAO, Eas■t China, Oct

      enter the semi〓finals. Anothe■r favorite for t■he semifinals Fuj■ian was upset by● Hong Kong of China 〓3-0. Chen Long of ■Fujian, a risin〓g talent who〓 has beaten 〓big names like Li○n Dan, Lee Chong■ Wei of Malaysi●a and Hidaya

    • . 17 (X●inhua) -- Ch●ine

      t Taufi〓k of Indonesia■ this year, gav●e way to Hu Yun. ■"I prepared very w〓ell for the ma〓tch but Hu did a ■good job and restra○ined my performanc●e," said Chen. Th■e duel between Ba〓o Chunlai of■ Hunan and〓 Chen Yu of ■Guang

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      xi was highli■ghted as they wer●e former natio◆nal teammates○. Olympic and w■orld champion Z◆hang Yining wo○n the women●'s singles gol◆d medal at the Chine◆se National Games ●in Qingdao, Sha○ndong province on● Thursday. Zhang〓

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      Yining showed her c●onfidence from ■the very star■t of the match ag●ainst Guo ○Yue from Liaoni〓ng Province. She 〓led early, but f■inally lost the f●irst set 1●6-14. The set〓back seemed to o◆nly boost Zhan■g and sparked h■er t

    owards v●ictory. Zhang cam■e back and c●laimed four str○aight sets to ■seal the match, 4-1◆. With the win, Zh●ang also becomes ●the second ■table tennis◆ player in Chinese◆ history to successf●ully defend ■titles in b◆oth the Na●tional Games and ●the Olympic Gam●es. The Los◆ Angeles L〓akers have ◆won their 15th● NBA Championship. ●In Game 5 of t●he finals, the Lake○rs took cont■rol during ◆the second○ quarter and over●whelmed the■ Orlando Magic 99-〓86 to win the series○ 4-games-to-1. ●Kobe Bryant ●won the Finals M■VP award and he sc◆ored 30 points in g〓ame 5. Magic◆ got into a solid◆ start despite trai■ling the series● 3-1.Midway in the f●irst quarter■, Hedo Turkglou ●fed up Dwight H◆oward, who finished● with an easy lay-up〓. Magic 13-6.Wit〓h over 5 minutes〓 remaining, Kobe■ Bryant coo○ly knocked down● a three, cutting t〓he deficit to ◆4. Magic 19-15.M●idway in the second■, the Laker○s would fight bac◆k strong. Trevor■ Ariza hit a thre■e, the Lakers ●took the lead.○ Lakers 42-40.Ov●er 2 minutes◆ before break, the ●Lakers pul〓led away during thi■s quarter. Ariz◆a drove in for a lay〓-up, giving LA dou■ble digit cushion.○ Lakers 54-●42.The Orlan〓do Magic wo●n their first ◆victory at ho○me on Tuesday○. They had a win◆ over Los Angele◆s Lakers 1●08-104, moving○

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      d of the first

    馻l Games h●ere on Saturday. A〓s

    q〓uarter, Rafer Al〓ston's free throw. ○Magic equal the p〓oints to 2○7-27.Then Kobe Brya〓nt broke out○, Bryant's three-p○ointer. Bryant's● free throw. 〓Lakers lea◆d the first qu●arter 31-27. Bry■ant won 17

    points i◆n the quarter.The〓 points of the〓 second quar○ter were still ne●ck and neck. After〓 41-41, the points ●went to another ■draw 51-51. With● Rashard Lewis's ●two 3 poin●ters shot, Dwight● Howard's tw○o free throw. Ma◆gic lead the ●first half 59-54.Th◆e third quarter◆ saw the bigg●est points gap o◆f the whole match-●eight points, ●Rashard Lewi◆s's 3 pointers s◆hot . Magic l〓ead

    77-69.Both t○he two teams were ou◆t of order ●in the quart●er, Howard an●swered the third〓 quarter l〓ast, Howard■'s jump hook shot,○ Magic lea◆d 81-75.It w●as a case of go○lfing greats pa◆st and present pairi●ng up together ?/p>

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    鬴or the Memorial S◆kins Game on Wed●nesday. Ti〓ger Woods an〓d Jack Nick〓laus last competed a●gainst each ■other in the openin■g two days◆ of the 2000 P■GA Champions◆hip. This even●t was m

    ore about c●harity tha○n competition. Two ■foursomes t●ook to the course wi■th an army of umbr●ellas followin○g their ev●ery move.Camilo V〓illegas elic●ited a roar■ when he holed a■ difficult ◆bunker shot, and Si●ngh nearly h●oled a pitc●hing wedge from the ●right rough.Stewart ◆Cink and K◆enny Perry r◆ounded out the ■foursome with Woods ■and Nicklaus. Cin〓k collected a skin ◆with a bir●die on the 14th.◆ Kenny Perry, the de〓fending champio●n at the Memoria〓l, looked li○ke he would take fo◆ur skins on ■the 18th with a par ●save from th■e bunker unt●il Woods m●ade a 12-foot◆ putt. Tha〓t's when the fun○ began with a◆ clos

    est-t〓o-the-pin chipping◆ contest on■ the 18th green.N○icklaus hit 〓an eight-iron to ■four feet ◆for a birdie to w■in two skins. W〓oods was the se●cond to play, H〓e give a perfec○t putting, an◆d his chip landed p○erfectly an〓d began rolling■ toward th●e cup until i■t disappeare●d, a shot Nicklaus h●as seen him make● before at ○the Memori◆al.Game 1 of t○he NBA Finals will s■tart Thursday in Lo○s Angeles as● the Lakers host t○he Orlando Mag■ic. The oddsma○kers will probably◆ favour the◆ Lakers, but sh○ould that be the c●ase? Well, le●t

    ?winner of thre

    's break down◆ this matc●h-up posit■ion by position and 〓see just wh■o may have the◆ upper han●d heading ◆in. We begin in○ the middle wit●h the big men■. The Lakers don't ◆want to repe◆at their loss● to the Boston Ce●ltics in last y◆ear's finals, amd th◆ey wil have to li●mit Dwight Howard in■ the paint

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      . Howa〓rd is simply a b●east down low. The

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      ◆Lakers young cente○r, Andrew Bynum ■will ce

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      rtainly have● his hands full. Byn〓um hasn't been● 100 perce○nt t

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    d himself. ■Don't be sur●prised to see● a rotation of Lak◆er's bigs trying to ■get the job done.■In the last game o■f the eastern Confer●ence finals again◆st the Cleveland C◆avaliers, Howa●rd scored a ca●reer-high 40 po●ints and 14 rebo●unds. The ed■ge is clea〓rly in the● Magic's f〓avo

    ur. Next Power ■Forward. In re〓gular season gam○es against ■the Magic, Pau Gasol■ only averag○ed 12 points and 8 r■ebounds, but he ha○s had a goo○d playoff 〓run. His oppo●site number on t○he Magic is Rashard■ Lewis, whose 3-po〓int accuracy ●will continue 〓to be a problem●.

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    As well, he can ◆stretch the flo○or in ways tha◆t Gausol can't an◆d create space for H●oward down l■ow. I

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    f he can be● consistent◆ in his sho●oting, that w◆ill cause a headache■ for the Lakers. 〓WASHINGTON, May◆ 29 (Xinhua)◆ -- The Clev〓eland Caval■iers kept thei■r hopes ali〓ve of maki●ng the NBA〓 finals after a 1○12-102 win over th◆e Orlando Magi○c in the Wes〓tern Conferenc○e finals on Thur◆sday, cutting t■he deficit to 〓3-2 in the se○ries. Cleveland■'s LeBron J■ames scored 37 point◆s, 14 rebounds and ◆12 assists,○ helping the ho■me team comb●at off a late ○surge from t

    he Mag●ic. Guard Mo ○Williams finally ◆pulled off an ex●cellent show ○by adding 24 ■for the Ca○valiers. Dwight Howa〓rd had 24 points an○d 10 rebounds b●efore fouling ●out for the ●Magic who are ●trying to end a 14 y●ear finals ◆drought. H■edo Turkoglu led● the Magic with 29 p●oints. The Cav●aliers now have th〓e chance of bec●oming just the● ninth team s●ince 1947 to rally ●and win a s■eries after be〓ing down 3-1. But◆ the Magic sti■ll retain the〓 momentum as ■game

    six wi■ll be shift●ed to Orlando〓 on Saturday. SAN◆ FRANCISCO, May 7 (X○inhua) -- Mi○crosoft Corp. s〓aid on Thursday i■t has agreed● to acquir●e BigPark 〓Inc., an inter●active onlin●e game company base■d in Vancouver, ●Canada."Th●e acquisition will ○bring BigPark's tale●nted develop●ers into Microsoft〓 Game Studios, w■here the tea〓m will continue de■velopment on ●an exclusive■ Xbox 360 game," ◆Microsoft sa〓id in a stat●ement.Howev○er, the sof〓tware giant didn◆'t disclose the● amount and other ◆details of th●e deal.The acqu○isition showed that 〓Microsoft ●int

    ends to keep ●investing in■ internally produc●ed games for it◆s Xbox 360 ●video game ◆console, w◆hich competes with◆ Sony's Pl○ayStation 3 and Nint●endo's Wii, some a○nalysts said.B〓igPark was ●founded in 〓2007 by a group of ●industry veterans ■who have pr●oduced or overseen s〓ome blockbuster g〓ames such a○s "FIFA Soccer" and○ "NBA Street."Do●n Mattrick, a co-f●ounder of B○igPark, later be○came senio●r vice president● of the Interactive ○Entertainment Bus○iness at Micro○soft. Related stori○es:U.S. professo

    r en●deavors to present t■oday's China thr○ough literary tran■slationU.S. pr〓ofessor endeavors○ to presen■t today's ■China through lit〓erary translation11-〓24-2019 10:45 ●BJTNEW YORK, N◆ov. 23 -- Wh◆en he was a bo■y in the 19○70s, Charles A. Laug◆hlin would so〓metimes follow■ his mother, an〓 adventurous ●cook in the hom●e kitchen, to an ◆Asian marke■t to find ingr〓edients for ◆making Chinese ■dishes in his● hometown Min●neapolis, U.◆S. state of Minnes■ota.&nbs

    p;"Imme○diately after you w〓alk in, the strong s◆me

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    ll of dri■ed fish or o〓ther kinds of 〓pungent spice◆s hit you right away○. And it creat■es a sense of fas●cination," ◆said Laughlin, profe○ssor of Chine○se literature ■and chair of the■ Department of Eas●t Asian Langua〓ges, Literatures an〓d Cultures at t〓he University of 〓Virginia.Those visi●ts to the Asian su●permarket and● Chinese re○staurants h○ad led to Laughlin'◆s decision t■o study Chin◆ese in his second〓 year at t○he University ●of Minnesota●. Now, for the 55-ye

    ○ar-old profes●sor, it has alread◆y been his "○congenial ■career" to study an◆d translat●e contemporary a◆nd present-age Chine○se literature.■EMERGENCE OF CHINES◆E LITERATUREC●ontemporary Chine■se literature sta●rted to ta〓ke on a greater ◆brilliance● when the ■ancient Asian cou〓ntry launched its ●reform and opening◆ up in the late 1970〓s, Laughlin said.Whe○n Laughlin star●ted teaching ●at Yale Universit◆y more than 20 y○ears ago after he◆ graduated with 〓a PhD in

    Chines●e Literature from■ Columbia Uni○versity, it wa●s not difficult to■ decide what to tea■ch."You have a fairl◆y short list of○ the really importan●t authors and some◆ really significan〓t works to us●e," said Laugh■lin. The names incl◆uded Lu Xun, Mao■ Dun, Cao Yu, and B■a Jin, mos●tly authors from t○he first ha〓lf of the 2◆0th Century.More a◆nd more Chinese writ◆ers and criti●cs have since e〓ntered the in●ternational arena◆, he said. In Octob○er 2012, novelis●t Mo Yan was awa〓rded the Nobe●l Prize in○ Literature fo◆r his work that "wi■th halluci◆natory reali

    sm merg○es folk tales, histo●ry and the contempor■ary.""It's hard fo●r me to keep up w●ith all of the gre○at (Chinese) aut○hors who ar〓e being bro●ught into Engl■ish," he said◆. "So I've ●been responding to t〓hat by teaching ●less and less ●of the early● major authors fro■m 100 years ago.○"What also c◆aught Laughlin's att◆ention is th〓e emergence of Chi●nese science fictio●n, particularly ■Liu Cixin's Hug〓o Award-wi■nning Three●-Body Problem, in re◆cent years."T○hey are becoming● not only popu◆lar among Ch

    inese re●aders, but ○also acros◆s the worl●d," he said■. "There seems to be◆ a lot more ex■citement and atten○tion to them th●an any other moveme■nt or group of Ch■inese writers ●who has emerged s〓ince the 1980s. So ■I adopt more an○d more of this○."The scholar not■ed that modern 〓Chinese culture "k○ind of originated○ with the adoptio■n and translation ●of Western science ●fiction into Chinese●" and Lu X◆un, Lin Shu and○ many other impor■tant Chinese authors● of